C-WAGS Sanctioned Rally Trials and Scent Detective Trials will be held at the Blue Ridge K-9 Training Center Saturday November 11th and Sunday November 12th.

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The event is open to all dogs of any breed – Including All Americans! Handicapped Handlers and Dogs Welcome.

Because of space constraints, entry will be limited.

Pre-entries will close Thursday, November 9th.

Check-in for Rally starts at 9:00 AM, trial beings at 10:00 AM
Check-in for Scent starts at 11:00 AM, trial begins at 12:00 PM.

These are sanctioned events under Canine – Work And Games, LLC. For complete rules go to www.c-wags.org. This trial is indoors on rubber matting. Indoor crating space available.

Judges for these trials are:

  • Gwen Carr, Frederick, MD
  • Randy Sutton, Fairfield, PA
  • Rebecca Lawson, Boonesboro, MD
  • Stephanie Morin, Frederick, MD
  • Rebecca Menapace, Gettysburg, PA