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Pat Sutton

About_WhiskeyPat is the head trainer and owner with her husband Randy. Pat has more than 30 years of experience training dogs of all breeds and abilities. Her show ring successes include training one of her German Shepherd Dogs to a Utility title, an accomplishment that requires many years of patient work.

Along with Judy Richardson, Pat takes pride in the puppy classes and they work hard with you to get your pup off on the right paw. Pat also conducts Scentwork and Barn Hunt classes, private lessons,  and occasional classes in advanced obedience. These are fun classes to watch and will give you a good idea of what your furry best friend can learn to do.

About-ShadowPat’s current dog, Miniature Schnauzer Whiskey, is a bright, happy dog who is showing real talent in the new sport of Scentwork and Barn Hunt. Her late, beloved Standard Schnauzer Shadow had earned AKC’s Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE), the highest title in that venue, also had earned Novice titles (Companion Dog) in AKC, UKC, and CDSP. He earned Rally Level 1 and 2 in APDT Rally, both with the Award of Excellence.

Pat is a charter member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT) and is certified by the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors (NADOI).

Randy Sutton

About-CassieRandy leads most of the Basic Obedience and Intermediate Obedience classes.

Randy also stays busy tending and showing their prize-winning Texas Longhorn cattle and are frequently found in the winner’s circle everywhere from county and state fairs to the Pennsylvania Farm Show. Check out the section on the Longhorns for more information.


Judy (left) and Pat hold a demonstration in Thurmont, Maryland.

Judy Richardson


Judy works with Puppy Kindergarten and Puppy Basics. Judy got started in dog training by helping her parents train and show their German Shepherds. She’s been a dog handler just about all her life, starting out with Junior Handler in the conformation ring all the way up to Utility in the obedience ring.

She is an approved judge for all levels in the CDSP obedience venue and has been invited to judge at trials as far away as New Jersey and South Carolina.

Her current dog, a miniature poodle named Jazzy, competes in rally, obedience, scent work and barn hunt. She has earned AKC’s Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) title, APDT’s Rally Level 3, CDSP’s Companion Dog Excellent, or “Open” obedience title (CDX-C), and a UKC Open title (UCDX). Her newest titles are C-WAGS Scent Investigator (Level 3) and Barn Hunt Novice titles.

Jazzy is often found demonstrating tricks in class, like retrieving a tissue when Judy says “Ah−choo!”

Gwen Carr

About_PaytonGwen Carr is the Scent Work instructor. She has been involved with dogs since her 4-H days and works as a dog groomer. Gwen enjoys teaching scent work because the dogs and handlers catch on to the game rather quickly. If a dog has a nose, it can learn the activity!

Her first performance dog was a rescue Labrador Retriever named Icarus. They competed in agility, flyball, rally, and obedience and served the community as a Therapy Dog team. He retired with over 60 titles to his name! Her current dogs are Fire, a Flat-Coated Retriever, and Payton and Hank, both “Borderjacks.” All are competing in flyball and scent work. Payton also does rally, obedience, disc, agility, dock diving, and barn hunt. Fire is the #1 Flat Coat in NAFA flyball and was #1 All Breeds in 2012. Recently she earned the highest title in flyball, The Hobbes Award. Payton has earned her NW2 title in NACSW for scent work along with multiple titles across her various venues.

Claudia Weakland

About-FranklinClaudia leads Rally classes and frequently helps Randy handle the longhorns in the show ring.

Claudia originally became interested in obedience when she started taking classes at Blue Ridge with her miniature schnauzer, Lily. After several years of dedicated training, Lily earned a CDX title from the AKC. The Companion Dog Excellent is also called the “Open” title. It was after earning this title that she became interested in Rally Obedience and was drawn to the teamwork aspect of this type of competition.

Claudia’s dog, miniature schnauzer Franklin, pictured here, competed in Rally and Obedience. She retired him from competition after he earned Rally Advanced Excellent (RAE) from the AKC and he enjoyed the life he richly deserved until passing away at age 16.

The new dog in Claudia’s life is Finn, an energetic young Airedale.

Whisky and Megan the MegaBunny

Whisky and Megan the MegaBunny